IVAP Workshop Prague 2023

The 2023 IVAP Workshop serves as the official launch event for the HEI Cohort 3 Projects, which are an integral part of the EIT’s Deep Tech Talent Initiative (DTTI). Its primary goal is to foster a sense of community among the selected projects in Cohort 3, as well as with the previous cohorts. The workshop is carefully structured to create an environment conducive to open discussions and collaboration among the participating projects, with the aim of enhancing project implementation.

The workshop’s program is designed to offer insights and resources for addressing the collective challenges faced by the consortia. It features parallel breakout sessions specifically tailored to assist projects in overcoming key challenges associated with the initiative. Given the special emphasis of this third Call for proposals on the Deep Tech Talent Initiative (DTTI), the workshop will place a spotlight on the DTTI’s core components, objectives, impacts, and outputs. It will also emphasize the collaborative relationship between the DTTI and the EIT’s HEI Initiative.

While project participants are encouraged to focus on their own projects, they are also urged to maintain a broader perspective. This collective approach allows for reflective discussions, facilitating the extraction of valuable lessons for the IVAP Implementation phase. For a more detailed schedule, please refer to the agenda tab.

Date of event: 31 May – 1 June 2023
Location: Prague, Czechia, at Gabriel Loci
Target audience of event: Project members from Cohorts 1,2 and 3, members of the Initiative’s Project Management Team from 8 Knowledge, Innovation Communities (KICs) and key stakeholders from the EIT and the DGEAC