Innovations in Digital Health

The advent of digital health tools has presented exciting opportunities for healthcare professionals and patients alike. The integration of AI algorithms has already revolutionized clinical practice, but there is still considerable untapped potential in leveraging AI for day-to-day patient care. One area where digital solutions can make a difference is enhancing the accessibility of healthcare systems. However, one possible reason for the underutilization of these tools is the requirement for developers to possess expertise in ethical, legal, financial, and business considerations pertaining to their implementation.

In collaboration with UMC Utrecht from the Netherlands, the Medical University of Gdańsk in Poland has developed a comprehensive course aimed at assisting students, doctoral students, and employees of Higher Education Institutions in the process of designing, implementing, and successfully bringing their innovative products or services to market. This course is a part of the InnovAId consortium and specifically focuses on the different stages involved in creating and implementing digital health solutions.

The course consists of a series of nine seminars that cover a wide range of topics, including needs assessment, product or service design, and the legal and financial considerations associated with launching solutions in the market. Participants will gain valuable insights into areas such as intellectual property rights, business plan preparation, and investor relations. Additionally, they will learn about the establishment of start-ups and how the generated profits can benefit not only themselves but also the university and, most importantly, the patients.

The training program also aims to help participants identify and enhance their competencies while deepening their understanding of the social and moral responsibility to transform innovative ideas into solutions that effectively meet clinical needs.

Recognizing the significance of the workshop’s topics, the Medical University of Gdańsk plans to organize a series of similar workshops throughout the upcoming academic year.