Hackathon FarU

The aim of the hackathon is to integrate and initiate cooperation, which is to result in ideas for solutions developed in response to ambitious challenges or problem issues. Until recently, hackathons were usually associated with events for the IT industry, but their formula has long gone beyond its origins and is used to “hack” civilization problems of any type. This line of thinking gave rise to the FarU Hackathon, in which we want to highlight its academic character.

The FarU hackathon is:

  • Intensive intellectual effort and engaging the knowledge and experience of the participants in order to develop proposals for solutions during the event
  • A wide range of challenges – from implementation-oriented technological challenges to conceptual challenges without a business background
  • Work on tasks co-created by the FarU community – before the event or directly on the day of the event as part of the so-called thematic tracks (see below)
  • Work in pre-assembled teams or groups created by experienced instructors from individual applications
  • Support of trainers, mentors and domain experts on an ongoing basis during the event


What’s more, it is an opportunity to establish cooperation between representatives of various fields and skills from three universities interested in a given subject and ready to take action. In the long term, with the continuation and commitment of the team also after the end of the competition, it will be possible to gain further support from Fahrenheit University.

Date of event: 17th to 19th of November
Location: the campus of the Gdańsk University of Technology
Target audience of event: employees, PhD students and students of the MUG, Gdańsk Tech and UG
Event page: Hackathon FarU
Contact: ctt@pg.edu.pl