To start the hackathon successfully, the InnovAId hackathon team will offer you an introductory workshop. The workshop will start with a peek into the current healthcare system and it’s challenges and we will talk about what the ideal situation would be.

The middle part of the workshop focusses on ‘design thinking,’ where you will be guided through the essential steps involved in transforming an idea into a product. These steps are essential as you begin your hackathon journey.

The third part of the workshop will be an introduction to AI and to gain insights into the essential AI-related knowledge required for the hackathon.

At last we will talk about some of the tools that we are using during the hackathon.


On Friday, the hackathon will kick off with a general session. During the general kick off, Saskia Haitjema will give a brief introduction to the InnovAId project. Following this, there will be an overview of the hackathon program. Before participants dive into hacking, we will have a guest speaker sharing their valuable insights and experiences with hackathons. The guest speaker will particularly focus on how his team successfully tackled a hackathon challenge in the past, also known by the name ‘Sleep Well Baby‘.

After the general kick-off, there will be time for participants to meet their team and engage in discussions with the challenger. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into the challenge. This will be followed by a lunch arranged by the InnovAId hackathon organizers.

Post-lunch, participants will brainstorm and actively work on solving the challenge. This marks the beginning of the real hacking phase. As ideas take shape and initial drafts are created, a dinner break will be scheduled. Before dinner, you will have the chance to listen to inspiring speakers with expertise in combining the fields of AI and healthcare, under which Teus Kappen.

Following these talks, participants will have the opportunity to work on the challenge.


On Saturday, our day will commence with a general kick-off session. During this kick-off, the day’s program will be outlined and explained. Following this introduction, you’ll have the opportunity to resume your hacking activities. 

Before lunch, you can choose to take part in a pitch workshop, which consists of two 30-minute workshop sessions. The workshop will provide you with valuable skills in delivering effective pitches. This workshop holds significance as, later in the day, there will be end presentations where each team is expected to provide a pitch and a demo regarding the challenge and their respective solutions. This will be followed by a lunch break and more hacking.

The presentations consist of two phases. In the first phase, there will be local presentations, where each team will present their challenge at their location. The best teams from this phase will go to the second phase. In the second phase, these teams will present their pitches and demos to all the international teams. An international jury will then evaluate and determine which team has crafted the most outstanding and fitting solution.

Following the presentations, there will be an opportunity for participants to celebrate together and engage in discussions with one another, sharing their experiences and insights.

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