Detecting Depression through Eye Movements

Mental Health plays a major role in modern society, which is why it is crucial not only to measure the severity of a given disorder but to foresee one and act promptly, saving lives and enhancing the economy. Facing this challenge, we have developed an online platform for psychological screening. We are combining both standardized questionnaires and eye-tracking webcam-based technology to address the ease and quality of the procedure. You can try the test on our platform:

In this specific task, we will be focusing on depression. To assess depression levels, our approach involves utilizing eye-tracking data gathered during a variation of the dot-probe test. As the respondent navigates through distinct pairs of images in the free-view task, our platform meticulously records and analyzes their eye movements, unraveling the subtle cognitive processes intertwined with depression. Following the eye-tracking assessment, the respondent is guided to complete standardized questionnaires like the PHQ-9, which further elucidate the self-perceived severity of their depressive symptoms. This dual-layered assessment not only renders a comprehensive understanding of the respondent’s depression levels but also sets the stage for proactive mental health interventions.

  • Venture into the frontier of discovery with the following captivating tasks:
    Uncover intricate dependencies between eye-tracking data and self-assessment. Delve into the input data, weed out outliers, identify significant features, and scour for correlations and non-linear dependencies.
  • Architect a pioneering model for predicting depression leveraging eye-tracking data.

Expert Mr. Andrii Solonskyi

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