Availability of clinically medical devices

For the sake of healthcare continuity, medical devices undergo preventive maintenance to prevent sudden failures and patient risks. Regulatory requirements emphasize timely preventive maintenance and the clinical usability of medical devices.

For several standard, generic medical devices, we can use location technology to track their whereabouts, which we utilize to optimize processes. By linking location data to the clinical usability of medical devices, we can:

  • Reveal how many clinically unusable medical devices are still being used.
  • Demonstrate the added value of locating medical devices in reducing patient risks, complying with regulations, and easing healthcare operations.

You are going to investigate the following questions:

  • Investigate how location data linked to clinical usability can demonstrate the assurance of healthcare continuity.
  • Examine predictability in the relationship between the use of localized medical devices and the number of patients and/or the type of care on the respective department.
  • Explore the predictability of clinical usability improvement for future use cases using location data.
  • Research the consequences of the unavailability or delayed availability of medical devices.

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